Resist the craving for sweet and salty

There are three basic reasons why we crave for certain foods – a hormonal imbalance, diet and adrenaline exhaustion

How many times have you caught yourself to crave for certain foods, while you are not hungry at all?

There are three basic reasons – hormonal imbalance, diet and adrenaline exhaustion. Specifically, serotonin is one of the essential hormone for well-being or happiness, and hormonal changes and imbalances, and poor diet and digestion can cause a reduction of that particular hormone.

What is actually happening?

Sugar and simple carbohydrates stimulate increased secretion of serotonin, which makes you happy in a short period of time . However, when the state of happiness goes, your body requires more sugar and carbohydrates. Insulin is responsible for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, sending signals cells when to absorb glucose from the blood. When the body develops insulin resistance, cells begin to take everything that is found in the bloodstream, and you begin to gain weight uncontrollably, no matter how little you ate. The reason why this information is very important is that the body because of insulin resistance signals that it needs more glucose and carbohydrates, which means that you will feel a heightened need for them.


Unhealthy diet

If you are on a diet that contains little fat, because of the hope that you will lose weight, chances are that you will only worsen the condition of your body. Like millions of other people, every day you eat low-calorie foods with lots of carbohydrates, which can lead at least in part to insulin resistance, but there may occur other problems with metabolism, because dieting itself is stressful for the organism.

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It is because of disturbances in metabolism occur cravings for certain foods. Therefore, it is necessary to bring your body in order before you start a diet, and regardless of the diet, look at the full listing of all the necessary ingredients.

Adrenaline exhaustion

Another reason for food cravings, it can be adrenaline exhaustion, which occurs when you are exhausted due to stress, lack of sleep and excessive physical and mental effort, which leads to a general exhaustion.The organism will try to recover, which will lead to cravings for sweets and sweet snacks throughout the day and craving for alcohol and carbohydrates at night, which will just exacerbate the situation.

To curb the desire for food?

Primarily you need to learn to listen and take care of your body, and this is only possible with healthy eating and physical activity. Guilt about eating food that you should not eat, at least not in such quantities, can only worsen your mood and can lead to a situation to become a person who eats with the emotions. In addition you must not forget that craving for sweets has its biological reasons, a craving for carbohydrates is a problem habit.

To reduce these cravings for food  to a minimum, you need a lot of will and support. Every day, eat a healthy and diverse foods, do not skip the most important meal of the day – breakfast.

Also, the vitamin supplements can help, then appropriate and regular exercise, emotional support and of course  the environment where you live. With a new regime of diet and exercise, your metabolism would need to restore and establish balance. Maybe it will take some time, but it will certainly happen.

Useful tips

Eat every three hours – one of the biggest reasons for the unrestrained impulses of a certain food is a sudden drop in blood sugar that occurs due to irregular food intake. Regular consumption of foods maintains you blood sugar levels, and you are craving for food will not happen.

Drink plenty of fluids – dehydration confuses the body, so it may happen that instead of thirst you feel the hunger for forbidden food. Every hour, drink a glass of water.

Be patient – If you’re eating enough and drinking enough fluids, be patient for 15 or 20 minutes and the feeling of desire will pass.

Disturb yourself – When you crave for certain foods, whatever you do, try to turn thoughts on how to start doing something else. For example, if you work at a computer, make a phone call or perform some other task.

Exercise – If you start exercising when you feel the craving for food, you should feel better almost immediately, of course, if the nature for craving is  the psychological craving. If the craving is physical craving, then you probably will not have the power to exercise, which is definitely a sign that you need to eat.

Healthy snacks – If you simply can not be separated from snacks, buy a healthy one – dried fruit, almonds, walnuts …

Change Habits – The craving for food may occur due to certain habits that we have, for example after a meal if you have a habit of eating something sweet, or to eat in front of the TV. Changing routines, will reduce your chance for cravings.

If nothing helps, eat chocolate, but only one line, not the whole, eat half the chips, not whole, drink half a soda, not the whole. What is most important that you should not let one bad day turned into several days a week. Reduce your bad eating habits slowly, and the above tips can certainly help.


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