Run barefoot and unite with nature


Run barefoot and unite with natureResearch has shown that running without shoes is good for protecting the joints, and runners have more regular landing. Worshipers of this way of running  say it is another plus that with running barefoot they feel every movement.

That is important for physical exercise, and mental state of the organism, that they no longer need to emphasize. Today we can use many different methods of training, almost every place has a fitness room, aerobics center, or something similar. Many, however, remained faithful to running, and there are those, slightly more inclined to research and new things that have gone a step further, so they ran, but with no shoes.

Barefoot running perfectly connects you with nature, adding that when you start to practice barefoot running / walking you should start with just a few minutes and then gradually run into the larger intervals: “We have all the same foot, some more and some less sensitive, so every one must adjust itself and work to him the most. These are just your feet and you know what fits you “

Experts who spoke on the effects of barefoot running stressed that it is good for protecting the knees, hips and joints. Apart from the occasional pinch, or a small scratch, initially practicing barefoot movement is no danger of any other injuries. 

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Yoga and harmonious body

Practice shows certified yoga teacher Snjezana Nina Vukas.

Your body is crying out for exercise? We recommend you to try this fall with yoga – the ancient Indian discipline is more than a few thousand years. Although the last century, this discipline was popular amongst the male population today is a much greater extent porakticiraju women. In the West yoga is very popular, we can say that it has become part of women’s rituals. Through the techniques of yoga asanas (positions, posture), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation and relaxation, modern women have the ability to reconnect with yourself and your genuine self.
Snjezana Nina Vukas, founder of the Zagreb Sangha Yoga studio located in the capitol 34, was prepared ten o’clock yoga exercises for women, and explained that this discipline is not only a technique of exercise, but to teach spiritual health through a certain moral principles and life, learn how to eliminate negative thoughts and feelings and to develop compassion and love for ourselves and the world around us. “By practicing yoga asanas (positions, position) we will increase the power and flexibility of the body, strengthen joints, improve circulation, digestion tract, cardiovascular and nervous systems, and the center of balance. Regularly practicing yoga increases energy and vitality and strengthens immunity. Yoga asanas with pranayama (breathing techniques), remove the accumulated toxins in the body more effectively than any other physical activity. harmoniously and beautiful body is of course an added bonus. I would recommend yoga to everyone, regardless of your age and physical condition. It is important to choose a style that fits you and Teachers believe that, “said Snjezana Nina Vukas.

Before performing the exercises should be warmed with a few sun salutation. If you are a complete beginner and have never practiced yoga, we recommend that you first begin to practice with the guidance of a certified instructor / teacher of yoga.

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Exercise still prolongs life

Aerobic Training

Recommended daily is 20 minutes of aerobic exercise at strong intensity, such as running, cycling, swimming or rowing. Basically it is a combination of exercise of the strong pace of 90 seconds, and then another 90 seconds, slightly slower to recover.

It is possible that this is because exercise reduces harmful chronic inflammation, scientists believe, and affects the growth of telomeres.

Regular exercise is one way to lengthen telomeres (chromosomes that scientists believe are the most important indicators of the speed of aging). According to a study published by the University of London King’s College, and was made on a sample of twins, one who has more practiced and had longer telomeres.


With Such training significantly better effect on telomere length than light exercise will be achieved. If such a mode of exercise combined with weight lifting, will improve muscle tone and the effect of aerobic exercise.

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3 errors that slow down your metabolism

Losing muscle slows down your metabolism because muscle burns calories even while at rest. One study has shown that aerobic exercise with strength training burned twice  more fat than just aerobic exercise.

 same exerciseDoing constantly  the same exercise for months, will not be enough. Whether it is a daily 30-minute walk or exercise, after a while your body will stop responding to these efforts and you will have worse results, reports MSN.

Bring innovations in practice. Instead of walking on weekends, hiking is recommended. Find a new exercise for the same muscle groups that you have practiced so far.  Any change is welcome.

Do not be a slave to aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise are good and useful, but we also recommend exercises to strengthen the body. Only with strengthening exercises for the body you will increase muscle mass and condition the body. When you get into the thirties, women a year lose about 2 pounds of muscle mass per year. Men retain muscle mass a little longer, but is rapidly lost after 60’s.

Losing muscle slows down your metabolism because muscle burns calories even while at rest. One study has shown that aerobic exercise with strength training burned twice  more fat than just aerobic exercise. So during aerobic exercise, you should insert the exercise for power, and it is recommended that you do these exercises at least twice a week.

Exercise vigorously

Exercisers sometimes confuses the fact that the easier pace of exercise burn more energy from fat than the violent exercise, but the violent pace burn more calories in general. We will mention one example. If a woman who has 68 pounds on a treadmill walk at a speed of about 5 kilometers per hour she will burn 112 calories in 30 minutes. Half of the burnt calories, 56 calories that you burn will be calories from fat.

If the same woman walking on a treadmill for about 6.5 kilometers per hour, 30 minutes she will burn 170 calories, of which 68 calories will be burned from fat. It is recommended that you do mixed exercise, vigorous exercise, a few moments and then slow down and accelerate the pace again.

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Sprint is better than the long-running


intense exercise is far better to reduce blood pressure than longer exercise

British scientists have come to the conclusion that intense exercise is far better to reduce blood pressure by long-term exercise. Until these results are arrived at based on tests conducted among the 50 teenagers.

One group of teenagers practiced the stronger intensity. Sprint ran 30 seconds and more rested, while the other group ran for 20 minutes, also with pauses. The third group of teenagers behaved normally and did not exercise regularly.

After seven weeks it was found that teens who exercise lose weight and get in shape, which was to be assumed. But it turned out that they lowered blood pressure.

“The results show that brief, intense exercise is very good for the health of teenagers. And, we know that every form of exercise for long-term is good health,” noted experts involved in this research.

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Housework more efficient than a gym


During the hour-cleaning you could lose even 238 calories, same as one hour riding a bicycle or an hour and ten minutes of lifting weights

Research company Vileda, which produces equipment for cleaning, has shown that cleaning the apartment is more effective for melting fat than exercising at the gym. During the hour-cleaning you could lose even 238 calories, which is equal to the amount of calories contained in a small package of chocolate or two small glasses of wine.

Weightlifting is lost fewer calories than houseworkWith weightlifting you lose fewer calories than with housework. To burn the same number of calories in the gym you should spend an hour riding a bicycle or an hour and ten minutes of lifting weights. Other alternatives are the hour or half an hour dance or playing football. While cleaning the apartment in comparison to football or dance acts unattractive but in today’s recession is more useful because it offers a double saving.

Except you do not have to pay subscription fees for the gym, saves you money and what you paid for a cleaning, and your apartment will be clean and neat. In addition saves time because you do not have to go to fitness center, after “training” in the comfort of your own home.


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Prolonged sitting shortens life

tv Prolonged sitting

People who spend at least four hours a day with TV, video games, computer or behind the wheel of a car twice as prone to cardiovascular problems, and have 50 percent more likely to die earlier

Sedentary jobs that are considered the most desirable, are also the unhealthiest say researchers at University College of London. People who spend at least four hours a day with TV, video games, computer or behind the wheel of a car twice as prone to heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular problems, and are 50 percent more likely to die earlier.

The problem is not the TV or computer, but in sitting, says Health magazine. Although it is  still not clear why the sitting is harmful, studies conducted on animals have shown that prolonged sitting slows activity of enzymes that dissolve blood fats, especially cholesterol and triglycerides.

Prolonged sitting at a computer is bad for your health even if you exercise regularlyProlonged sitting at a computer is bad for your health even if you exercise regularly. And when that does not matter whether you’re sitting in your office, school, car, in front of a computer or television, but it is crucial only the total number of hours spent in a sitting position, according to the Associated Press.

Tim Armstrong, a physical activity expert at the World Health Organization (WHO), said that people who exercise every day, but spend much time sitting, might benefit more if they exercise on several occasions during the day, instead of just one exercise.

“So far we do not have enough evidence yet to say how much sitting is bad,” said Peter Katzmarzyk of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, “But it seems that the more you sit up and interrupt, the better,” he said.

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Walk quickly to live longer

Brisk walking is the one used for a second or less, you move one meter, while the average lifetime of a person about to exceed 0.8 meters per second

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh have come to the interesting discovery that people who walk faster live longer. Brisk walking defined as walking that for a second or less, you move one meter. Given that the two-step average slightly longer than one meter this means that in one minute you should make about 100 steps if you want to live longer.

Speed ​​dating is in fact an indicator of health because the body itself regulates the speed-walking “So now if you decide to walk faster, it does not mean you will automatically live longer,” said researcher Stephanie Studenski, adding that the life of the respondents in the period from 10 years with the precision can be determined by the pace of their walk to the bar length of four meters.

Scientists say that the speed of people walking the average lifetime of about 0.8 meters per second, and point out that the speed of movement is far more accurate indicator of longevity than age or gender. Although studies have shown that people who walk faster live longer, researchers have emphasized that the purpose of this study was najterati people to move faster in the hope that it will extend its lifespan.

“The way people move and the speed of walking depends on the control and coordination of movement and energy, which requires the proper functioning of many body systems, primarily the cardiovascular, nervous and skeletal muscle,” said Stephanie Studenski.

The study is based on nine previously conducted studies that analyzed the speed of movement of people, age, gender and body mass index 34 500 people.

Moderate physical activity such as walking for 30 minutes a day, extending the life of 1.3 yearsModerate physical activity such as walking for 30 minutes a day, extending the life of 1.3 yearsAnyway, it was previously known that moderate physical activity such as walking for 30 minutes a day, extending life by 1, 3 years and adds another 1.1 years for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. If you choose, however, intense physical activity can extend life by 3.7 years and 3.3 years delay for cardiovascular disorders.

Bring you these changes in everyday life and begin to walk 30 minutes in the next 12 years will spend 49 days walking, and you will prolong your life by 1.3 years.Walking is the best possible exercise for man and has many benefits. In addition to reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, relieves depression, increases muscle strength, reduced back pain, improves circulation, reduces infections, increases levels of good cholesterol, reduces weight, blood pressure and percentage of total fat in the blood.

So do not wait until next Monday, but right now boot from the chair and walk at a brisk pace for at least half an hour. This sporting activity you costs nothing, and upon returning home will make you feel better, livelier and fresher.


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Increase your vitality 20-minute walk in nature

 Richard Ryan, a psychologist at the University of Rochester, published an article about the energizing effects of nature walks in the Journal of Environmental Psychology. His study included 537 students who were wearing walking carefully studied the effects of nature in relation to the positive effect of other forms of physical exertion and socializing with people.

To achieve this, the participants underwent five different experiments. In one spent 15 minutes walking through the closed corridors, and along the river which was planted with trees, in the second they were screened photographs of buildings or landscapes, in the third they imagined certain activities in the outdoors and indoors.

Residents of cities as often as they should stroll through the parks to make vitalResidents of cities as often as they should stroll through the parks to be vitalin the last two trials of their energy levels monitored with the help of diaries that were recorded. Through two weeks, students have followed the results of physical exercise and social interaction in a closed space and the natural environment.

The final result showed that the respondents in all the tests experienced a far higher level of energy when they were natural or were imagined to be found in nature. Richard Ryan is based on the analysis of the data determined that a daily 20 minute stay in the countryside significantly increases the level of human vitality. Therefore he recommended all residents of cities that regularly roam the parks and other green spaces and countryside as often seen through the windows of their offices or apartments.

Scientists claim that nature is “fuel for the soul” and that is in contact with her man feel more alive. Being in the fresh air in nature and in touch with nature, stimulating and revitalizing effect on man. No physical activity when it is not necessary because I have enough room to open.

Scientists claim that nature is “fuel for the soul” and that is in contact with her man feel more alive and residents of cities is recommended to regularly roam the parks and other green spaces and countryside as often seen through the windows of their offices or apartments

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Yoga is the best cure for spinal

Yoga for the spine is a special form of yoga exercises designed for people who have problems with the spine. The program was created in collaboration with top experts and physiotherapy is appropriate for everyone, regardless of age and health status, so you can exercise even a person in a wheelchair with the assistance of individual instructors.

Yoga Program for the spine, exercise in the company Yoga in Daily Life at multiple locations in Zagreb, the capital is located in the Yoga Center Jurisiceva 3/IV (, tel: 01/481- 2624, 091-505-2255).

“This special program is good for almost all problems with the spine,” says Swami Vivekpuri, instructor of Yoga in Daily Life. “Excellent results in a distortion of the spine such as kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis, degenerative changes, chronic problems such as sciatica and herniated disk, and the elderly to postpone old age stiffness and osteoporosis.”

“The exercises are recommended during puberty and young people when it comes to rapid growth which causes incorrect posture due to short and weak muscles, a long irregular posture always ends with one of the diagnoses. Yoga for the spine is different from the rest of yoga in everyday life only in that emphasis on those positions and exercises to relieve back problems and was made in collaboration with physicians and physiologists, and also practiced as an official treatment in rehabilitation centers in several countries, “Swami says Vivekpuri.

It is believed that most problems with the spine is caused by weak muscles, overweight, short muscles, improper posture and improper breathing. In fact, if you do not have strong enough muscles of the spine, all the forces of movement and lifting directly transmitted to the vertebrae and discs. And when a person is overweight, combined with weak muscles and the spine is already under stress the force of gravity exerts so extreme that the inevitable pain.

“The basic rule to solve the problem of pain in all joints is strengthening two opposing muscle to take over the load and thus reduce the wear of the joint. Same principle applies to the spine where it is important to achieve more balance and muscle on the left and right sides of the spine to avoid distortions proper position of the pelvis, hips, and thus the entire body. Therefore, the goal is not just yoga exercises for strengthening, stretching and more, and balancing the muscles of both sides of the body, “says Swami Vivekpuri.

Marđari – Cat

Description of Exercise: Sit on heels, put your hands on the thighs, the back is upright and
relaxed. Inhaling raise your outstretched arm to shoulder height, palms
down, and lift your knees to the back erect. Exhaling bend forward and
palms down on the floor, so that the arms and legs form a right angle to the floor. Stretch the
back like a cat, so that the curve the back-up. At the same time lower the head and
direct view of the navel. The entire spine is bent, the bristles.
Inhaling bend back down and head up. The spine is like a saddle, stretched and abdominal muscles are relaxed. Direct view of the more up, so to stretch the front of the chest. Do these moves 3 times more in line with breathing. Then, inhaling, lift the knees and extend your arms forward. Exhaling, return to starting position.

The benefits of exercise

It relaxes the muscles along the spine, making it supple and flexible. Improves digestion,
alleviates menstrual discomfort, and is also good for practicing deep abdominal and
thoracic breathing.



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Exercise at home: Secure the body for two weeks

If you also noticed that the pants buttoned harder than was the case in early summer, it’s time to start exercising!

Lying on the bed during the Christmas and New Year holidays, the biggest culprit is the fat which they find difficult to solve. Most problems, especially the elderly, are entered on the abdominal muscles and buttocks. If you also noticed that the pants buttoned harder than was the case in early summer, it’s time to start exercising!

Exercises for the formation of abdominal muscle

Lie on your right side with those that rely on the elbow. Left leg over the right move in this position, lift the body until they begin to feel the tightening of abdominal muscles.

Left hand at all times hold in front of the abdomen and try to be in the same position.Repeat three times, then switch to the other side.

Exercise to strengthen the buttocks

The left leg is lean and stretch right back. Place the hands in front of the chest with your palms to the elbows and connected all the time. Try to bend your left leg, but pay attention to your body upright. Abdomen, back and buttocks should be tightened. Repeat at least five times, then switch to the other leg.

Exercises for stomach and back

Lie on your back, lift your legs into the air and cross them with those that your toes tight.The arms extend in front of him, and lifted his head and shoulders. Repeat at least ten times.

After the obligatory exercises to relax. For example, lie on your stomach and repeatedly lift your upper body. Your hands all the time must be extended.

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Purify your body and spirit for seven days

Countess Elisabetta de Dominis several times a year coming to Fusion Spa to Detox Program

Detox Program is a new wellness program for people who want one week cleanse the body and renew the spirit, and includes posean exercise regimen, diet and treatment

Detox program is new to offer customized wellness Fusion Spa Hotel Sol Coral in Umag.Guests of this luxury five star who opt for this seven-day “all inclusive” program are available to special natural diet Tavern Hotel located in the outdoor pool, a variety of massage and energy techniques and treatments for face and body available in wellness, daily exercise and exercise classes and swimming in the indoor pool with sea water.

The program, in cooperation with the staff the hotel, designed by Tomislav Dasovic, manager Fusion Wellness Spa, which has for years studied Eastern therapeutic techniques that were implemented in the wellness area 1,200 m2, equipped with modern wellness technology and decorated in a combination of contemporary design elements and the Far East.

Detox program begins with a complete medical history taken by a doctor of general medicineDetox program begins with a complete medical history taken by a doctor of general medicineFusion Spa offers exotic istočnajčke medicinal treatments and massages that are performed by educated experts from Thailand and India and domestic masseurs and beauticians. Over seven days, how long is this program, guests try me 21 prepared by chef Zoran Stanisavljević Taverne, chairman of the Istrian County Chefs Association.

First case history

Detox program begins with a complete medical history taken by a doctor of general medicine Sandra Petrovic on the basis of whose opinions are in agreement with the client, determine the optimal treatment for each person. Each day begins with exercise and jogging along the shore or exercises of yoga, followed by a healthy breakfast and swimming or exercising in a fitness trainer with assistance.

Extremely important part of the program are ayurvdske and massage techniques, Thai traditional massage, craniosacral therapy, Chi Nei Tsang, Tibetan massage internal organs to release old emotions and stress, and energy techniques of Reiki and the Mexican and Philippine natural healing techniques. Extremely important part of detox programs are treatments for face and body products Thal’ion, a leading French company in the collection and processing of marine algae.

Every customer who decides the detox program in his room with a welcome survey questionnaire about his medical condition, medications you are taking, diet, quality sleep, eventual former injuries and other details on which it is possible to specify the condition of his health.

Menu for cleansing the liver

“Detox menu is primarily designed to purify the liver, which destroys the body and stress which accumulate various contaminants into the body with food and drink. To me because based on fruits, vegetables, legumes and integral store. Detox Program take preventive and curative in many diseases caused by stress and I noticed, for example, that people with excess pressure, at the final examination is usually lower blood pressure, “said Tomislav Dasovic.


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Nordic walking is an ideal sport for modern people

Nordic walking club ZonaSrca instructing techniques of walking in the park Maksimir

Walking with the help of specially designed rods activated by about 90 percent of the muscle and also refreshes the mind and the intensity of each stroke can be regulated according to their abilities and željema

Nordic walking is one of the biggest sports in recent years the rise in the world because it represents an ideal activity for the modern man. Walking with the help of specially designed rods activated by about 90 percent of the muscle and also refreshes the mind because the exerciser has to constantly watch where you are moving.

The intensity of each stroke can be regulated according to their abilities and desires, it can be practiced in summer and winter, on almost any terrain, and the only equipment needed are the poles for Nordic walking and good shoes. Nordic walking is both strengthen and relax the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders, which is extremely useful considering that most people carried out their convoluted syntactical work week sitting in front of a computer terminal and keyboard.

90 percent of muscle involvement

Nordic walking engages the muscles around 90 percentNordic walking engages the muscles about 90 percent of the”Nordic walking is an optimum activity for most people because it runs a balanced and combines many body systems,” says Sylvia Zoković, one of the first “Nordic hodačica” in our country (Information: Heart Zone, Nikola Tesla 8 Zagreb, tel. 01-4811468,”By employing the upper body in walking, moves and proper technique to 90 percent of the muscles which results in strong-core work and cardio respiratory system, and they eventually run the system of glands with internal secretion that we reward good mood, optimism, creativity in dealing with life’s challenges. ”

With Nordic walking can be started at any age.Elderly sticks help maintain balance while moving and walking regularly increases muscle mass, joint flexibility and bone strength is of paramount importance in old age. A heart that is also a muscle can be strengthened only aerobic exercise, exercise that moves large muscle mass.

The club of Nordic walking ZonaSrca can learn walking technique that is adapted to the state of health, fitness and mobility, the cost of the course is 150 kunas, conducted at Maksimir. After the course, many continue to walk alone or in society at the place and time individually chosen by them, and they can join the walking group, which also takes place in Maksimir Park. The primary objective of the courses, walking and various joint workshop is to master the tools and acquire the knowledge that the individual self to actively create and achieve good health and fitness.

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Dancing protect against cancer

From year to year dance is becoming increasingly popular form of recreation because it brings more benefits: strengthens muscles throughout the body, relaxes, removes bad thoughts, and an excellent form of socializing. The cities are, therefore, open up various dance centers that offer instruction in classical and exotic dance, and more and more people in the fitness centers instead of their free time in dance halls. “To a man escaped from the everyday, sometimes not enough to go to recreation,” said Iva Kolic

“It is immersed in a totally different world, full of movement, imagination, music, magic. A world full of battery power, heal stress, relaxes the mind and body and allows complete freedom of movement, in a word the world of dance. Dancing has become a philosophy. Automatically connects people with the primordial rhythms of nature, “says Iva instructed.

It is widely known that dancing provides a good cardiovascular exercise that increases flexibility, strength and endurance of the entire body. Dance, like any other exercise, extending human lifespan, slows the aging process and improves one’s mental health.During the dance, sweating through the skin and exhale through the lungs, eliminate the harmful substances from the body.

Dancing prolongs life

“Research has shown that those who regularly danced on average less likely to suffer from malignant disease, live seven years longer, are more confident and optimistic, have stronger bones, better posture and better sleep. So, getting to know your own body through movement allows it to be better feel.

Regardless of age and physique, dancing is just as demanding as a dancer I decide. So, if you can encourage new trends just decided to deal with dancing, it is wise to talk to before the instructor to ensure consistency of physical capabilities and level of difficulty of the course, “said Iva instructed.

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Laughter melts pounds and boosts immunity


If you belong to a group of people who can not actively engage in sports, we offer you an alternative solution.Rather than sweat in the fitness center, laugh!

Laughter melts pounds and boosts immunity

It has been proven that people who every day must be 15 minutes each year to burn enough calories to lose more than two pounds of fat. Specifically, the laughter comes to energy consumption equivalent to that required to prehod distance of nearly one kilometer.

It has been scientifically proven that laughter speeds up the metabolism and thus helps weight loss. Of course, laughter, and contributes to a better mental state. So, laugh more, spend time with funny people, tell jokes, watch comedies. Laughter is the key to better life.

Jokes to health and slim

So listen and read jokes, and even when you do not particularly funny, laugh heartily.Laughter is good for your heart and trubuh. Or more accurately, the abdominal muscles.

Experts say that happy people are healthier, are healthier foods and avoid bad habits – such as smoking. In addition, laughter stimulates circulation, and American experts recommend a dose of at least 15 minutes of laughter a day, because among other beneficial effects on all diseases of the heart.

People who are daily 15 minutes can be wasted each year more than two pounds of body fatPeople who are daily 15 minutes can be wasted each year more than two pounds of fatLaughter causes many physiological changes in our body. Due to strong and prolonged laughter more than three hundred different muscles of the diaphragm, face, abdomen, back, legs and arms become active, eye pupils dilate, and the fingers become wet. Breathe deeply and rapidly, reaching speeds up to 100 km per hour. Raises the heart rate, which can reach 120 beats per minute.

As a result, activate the defense forces of the body, stimulates metabolism and blood supply of the heart and lungs, lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels. In addition, laughter breaks stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, and thus relaxes the whole body.

Laughing increases lung capacity and its rich supply of blood, oxygen, and favors, and gas exchange during breathing.

Considering the positive effects of laughter, it is obvious that it is stimulating and healthy for the human body as a whole. However, although the positive effects of laughter are described Charles Darwin, the scientific research only began in the 60s of last century when it was created gelotologija, teaching about the impact of laughter on the human body.

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Three simple diet for a firm butt

Lack of physical activity and nutrition during the winter months, adversely affecting the appearance of the buttocks

Want to mammiti male view of the beach, except stomach and legs, it is necessary to formulate and buttocks. Below we present a few simple exercises that will strengthen it in just a few days

Lack of physical activity and nutrition during the winter months, adversely affecting the appearance of the buttocks. The problem is exacerbated if they are in this part of the body and create cellulite.
Below are several exercises you can perform at home, and you will attract men’s eyes, but for a week!

Raising the hips

Lie on the floor with your legs are bent at the knees. The feet should be stretched in the plane of the shoulders. Tighten buttock muscles and lift it up.
Repeat twenty times. In order to exercise more effective, in the upper position try to stay as long as possible.


Expansion is one of the most effective exercises for firming the buttocks, and it is interesting that this exercise can be performed in front of the TV while watching your favorite series.
So, make it bigger step forward and pay attention to your upper body remains flat. The rear part of the body low to the floor, but with the proviso that it does not touch. Repeat 10 times each leg.

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Exercises in water: How to strengthen the body while on vacation

 A strong abdominal muscles and buttocks and arms is a dream of almost all women, but during the holidays most members of the fairer sex is more relaxed, and after returning home they build up surprised kilograms.


water workoutThat’s why we have prepared for you a few exercises you can practice during the annual rest, of course, we talking about exercises that are performed in the water!


If you have long been engaged in any kind of exercise you know that it starts with a good stretch. So, stop at the edge of the pool with one hand to hold the edge, a second stretch over the head. At the same time stretch the upper body. Repeat this exercise for at least ten times.

Tight legs

Spread your feet hip-width apart, stretch your arms and doing movements that are similar to the entry. It should be noted that the legs have a maximum stretch. So fingers on your feet must also have to be stretched.

Tight hands

Standing in water with your legs slightly apart. Hold out your hands and hold the ball lift the ball up and down. Please note have your back straight at all times.

Abdominal muscles

Turn back towards the edge of the pool and extend your hand along the edge. Stretch your legs and lift them towards the chest so that your body is at an angle of ninety degrees.Repeat at least fifteen times.

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Exercise after childbirth

The aim of exercise postpartum recovery is accelerating and facilitating problem with musculo-skeletal system

Exercising during pregnancy the past few years is no longer taboo, and there are more women in this period continue or are just starting to exercise in regulated rates or at home with manuals. Women are often in the daily responsibilities for a child seeking an excuse not to exercise.

The aim of exercise postpartum recovery is accelerating and facilitating problem with musculo-skeletal system, such as back pain, leg, front of the abdomen and pelvis, and other problems that occur as a result of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. After a woman 40 weeks pregnant adjusted, the act of giving birth her body will not automatically revert to the old.

To return to the old look and shape it will take at least nine months, the duration of the period of change. And they are most pronounced in the urogenital system. If the uterus, whose position changed during pregnancy, after childbirth does not return to the place, the woman may have trouble relaxing the ligaments that hold the uterus in the pelvis, and long term is a partial or complete descent of the uterus. Pregnancy also weakens the pelvic floor, as the weight of the child in the womb, because of excess weight accumulated in the hull and the pressure on the pelvic floor can lead to urinary problems, and contribute to the development of stress incontinence.

With light exercise, associated with the normal movements such as standing up, sitting and walking, women can begin as early as the first day after birth, but then that there are differences depending on whether born vaginally or by caesarean section.
It is unrealistic from a woman who just gave birth to expect to extract the full half hour of exercise, but can be several times throughout the day separated by a few minutes and do a few exercises.
Eventually they become a little harder, but only after first gynecological examinations, that is by leaving the confinement period, 6 to 8 weeks after childbirth, it is recommended practice to rounded demanding applications.

Before exercising a woman should always be heated 10-minute walk, run or ride a stationary cycle or just dancing to the music he loves. Then, stretching the muscles to prepare for exercise. The following are specific exercises to strengthen specific muscle groups – abdomen, dorsal and pelvic floor muscles, and arm and leg muscles with dumbbell, Flexible tape and other supplies.

Training ends with stretching exercises that provide muscle relaxation and restoration of the normal circulatory and metabolic changes in the periphery of the body. After that it is good to relax, at least 5 to 10 minutes, or ideally, about half an hour, while a woman can keep a child on his chest. For women who can not or do not want to leave your child alone, there are exercises in which the child uses as little weight in certain positions. These exercises will be fun for both mother and baby and will enable the achievement of specific contact between them. Some exercises can be done in nature, such as mother walks pushing baby in stroller.

Mating a good workout

After the first gynecological examination at birth, women can usually return to normal sexual activity and should be used as an exercise. However, it should adjust the position during intercourse, depending on whether born vaginally or by caesarean section. Women after cesarean section to be less restricted with regard to position, but there is a greater risk for pain in the abdomen, while women who gave birth vaginally usually paint the pain of the wound incision in the perineum. If your scars are hurting, does not mean that women should not engage in sexual intercourse or not to exercise, but all this must be approached gently, with care and caution, in agreement with a partner.

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Quick walk protects against stroke

Two and a half hours of fast walking per week effectively protects health

The latest survey by Harvard School of Public Health in Boston found that women who have often walked by as much as 37 percent decreased risk of stroke.

Specifically, the study showed that those who walked at least two hours a week lowered the risk by 30 percent. However, it is no secret that the previous research has shown that exercise is an excellent prevention of stroke, but this is the first study showed that it was just about walking, and fast.

This is where you can walk the talk but not sing – he explained study leader Jacob Sattelmair. Other activities such as running, swimming and cycling are not shown the same results. Experts followed the 39 000 employed women over 45 over 12 years. The account has been taken and habits such as smoking, taking aspirin, age and other factors that influence the occurrence of “drops”. In this period 579 patients suffered a stroke.

Enough and light exercise
Two and a half hours of moderate intensity exercise per week (such as fast walking) is enough to preserve one preventive health experts recommend. Instead it is sufficient and 75 minutes of intense exercise.

If you’re ready for more challenging, but it offers a brisk walk, the next logical step is to run.As with walking, you should start slowly paced, for example, five minutes to stretch before running. A study by Stanford University School of Medicine says that running regularly not only helps the heart, but also slows the aging process.

It is recommended to jump over a rope

Fast walking is that with which you can talk but not sing Fast walking is that with which you can talk but not singIt may seem like fun for kids, but there is good reason why experts recommend skipping rope as the ideal form of exercise. With this simple activity will be in remarkable shape and agile. Moreover, a recent study claims that jumping rope helps bone health. If the rope for 10 minutes will melt around 200 calories, which is equal to the amount you lose if you ran a mile and a half.

When you perform an obligation, leave the car in the garage, and go riding. One hour spent on the bike will solve you 650 calories. The best advantage of this exercise is to maintain an accelerated heart rate over a longer period of time. Experts recommend at least 20 minutes bike ride to get the maximum benefit.

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Boxing reduces aggression and enhances the line

Nikolina Pisek, a popular leader of Nova TV, for three years boxing

Intensive boxing training melt fat, eliminate excess water from the body and strengthen all muscle groups, especially the abdominal muscles which promotes weight loss and tightening the whole body

While acting aggressively, boxing is a very healthy, but sometimes dangerous sport.Significantly improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system because it comes with the hard activity “clean” all vessels, strengthens heart and clears the brain. Boxing is far more demanding than aerobic exercise in the gym, and improves motor skills and all.Because of this intense melts fat, eliminates excess water from the body and strengthens all muscle groups, especially the abdominal muscles. Women’s boxing especially appealing because it promotes weight loss and tightening the entire body.

“Training starts warming up and stretching, followed by a boxing school where you go over the basic techniques,” said Branimir Levak, coach for the stand-up fight that is trained and Mirko Filipovic. “When the trainee has progressed a bit, followed by training with a sparring partner and whit. Although humans are considered thugs boxers, actually it is primarily about mental sport because during the struggle to constantly think about the opponent and how to avoid injury, and thereby to properly move around the ring and breathe properly. usual strength training takes about 30 minutes, and boxing workout of 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes, depending on the techniques that can overcome, “said Branimir Levak.

Nikolina loves boxing

Nikolina Pisek, a popular leader of Nova TV, a regular for three years, three times a week, boxing in the Core gymu, a trainer and sparring partner of her Branimir Levak. “Ever since childhood I’m mad about martial arts, boxing and especially because my dad sparring boxers, and I often accompanied him on the training and closely monitored his every shot,” says Nikolina, where boxing is the ideal way to relax from work on television, but also a great way to maintain physical fitness.

“But when I started to train with Branimir Levak I realized that boxing is not violent, but primarily thought sport. But to reach the mental level, it is necessary first to master the technique. In boxing it is extremely important to predict the reactions of the opponent and know how to avoid its impact, to know him hunt down the angle, to find his weak points and know many other details. Therefore, the art of boxing is more like a game of chess, though eternal people think that the decisive power of the strike, “says Nikolina who previously dealt with the rhythmic gymnastics, vehicles bike and doing various kinds of circular training in the gym.

“With all these activities, boxing I started doing full fitness, which is very important. Before I started training Dams, no problems I could run 10 km, and I even participated in two half marathon of 21 km. Although I think I’m in great shape, I workout in the first box after 20 minutes of praying for help.

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