What is Interval Training

Interval training is used for decades to develop fitness skills of top athletes. Because of its advantages it is increasingly being used in the development of fitness and endurance for losing excess weight.

Interval training in fitness can be described as a type of training where you alternate intervals of high intensity with intervals of low intensity. This training brings the body into a state of increased stress, resulting in higher energy consumption during the workout and afterwards. Recovery after intense interval training can take a longer period of time in which the body consumes more energy than usual. The result is greater consumption of fat and losing weight much faster, and faster development of resistance because the body adapts to a higher stress.

To reap the benefits of interval training as a means for removing excess weight it is necessary to know how to perform it effectively and safely, and it can be done in many ways. Interval training can be directed to the change during the interval cardio training, such as changing shorter or longer intervals of running with intervals of walking. Also we can modify the intervals or the intervals of rest during a round with weights. As a very effective training in weight loss or increased endurance has become a popular HIIT training, ie, high intensity interval training and a TABATA. Such training after the warm-up alternates short intervals of maximum intensity with active rest intervals. What is the most effective form of training, it is difficult to say. So, here is a sample workout that combines several forms of interval training in one, for everyone. Cardio training will be used to raise aerobic endurance and activation of fat metabolism, and circuit training with weights to increase muscle mass in order to raise the level of active metabolism, and body shape.


Such training changes medium intensity cardio intervals with intervals of intense weight training, which gives a dynamic during training, and holds the frequency of the heart and increased calorie consumption during the entire workout. This training will run great transformational effects in your body which will increase your endurance and body shape, and increase energy consumption over a longer period of time after the training.Therefore it is advisable to run every other day to give the body enough time to recover. When combined with proper diet, it will definitely yield great results.

Many people found this program useful.


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