Jumping rope – intensive training

Ready for intensive interval training? Try jumping rope.

Rope jumping interval training for all muscle groups with benefits like: stronger legs, reinforced butt and arms and shoulders like marble.

One of the most useful interval cardiovascular exercise can be performed anywhere. The only thing that matters is that you have a rope that is not too short or too long and quality running shoes. When you fold a jumping rope, the length should reach slightly below the shoulder.

Rope jumping offers training for all muscle groups, benefits are: stronger legs, reinforced butt and arms and shoulders like marble. Make sure you get a good warm up before exercise and stretch afterwards. Pay particular attention to stretching your knees and elbows to avoid injuries. This exercise will speed up your heart, and if you play a motivating music, you will easily survive the training.

Simple jump

Jumping rope is a challenging activity, regardless of whether you are fit or not. Gather your feet while you jump over the two-component jumping rope. Given that this “beginner’s” step, will give you enough time to “learn” in practice and not to make a mistake.

Concentrate on the timely lifting the feet off the ground so you are not entangled in the rope and soften your knees.

Many people found this program useful.

Jump 30 times, rest 30 seconds and repeat a series of four to eight times, depending on your condition.

Jump from one step

The next level of jumping rope is a single jump, which is performed in the same way as simple jump but with just one leg touching the ground. The intensity of this exercise is stronger and it runs much faster, you’ll feel all the muscles working.


Jumping rope is a single component, but connected to the feet moving first in one direction and then in another, is like jumping and skiing with a rope.


If you watched Rocky, then you understand. Once the rope is placed over your head, you cross your hands and jump.Perhaps this style is complicated at first, because it is all about perfect timing, but is worth to try if you want an interesting training.

 Interval training

If you want a challenging workout in which to turn the rope, you have the real thing! Jump rope for three minutes, then lie down on the pad for one minute and perform crunches.

Continue to jump rope the next three minutes, after three minutes you perform pushups. Followed by three minutes of jumping rope, and then one minute of squats. Continue to exercise in the same sequence, with three minutes of jumping rope, and all other exercises performed for one minute.Try lifting dumbbells for biceps, etc … Whatever exercise you think, you are welcome.

Before the end of each training slow pace and jump around as when you start to exercise.


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