Hormone Yoga for intimate women’s health

Doctors and gynecologists argue that this method can reduce some of the discomforts caused by menopause, such as sleep problems and hot flashes.It is useful for women who are past menopause because it relieves the side effects of aging and loss of sex drive

Hormone Yoga for intimate women's health

Hormone Yoga, a mixture of classical yoga and Tibetan exercises of power is a new way of exercising the organs that produce hormones. Results of research on a Brazilian University of Sao Paulo shows that after 4 months of yoga exercise hormonal ovarian increases productivity by 75 percent, while the level of estrogen rises to a whopping 254 percent.

Higher levels of hormones and the young woman seems more stable and enhanced production of collagen makes the skin smoother and firmer.
new trend of exercise launched Dina Rodriguez, psychologist and author of “Hormone yoga.”

She says, with 80 years as a vital young woman. He says that every morning exercise half an hour and it gives energy and keeps it young. He argues that this type of exercise is best to start in mid-thirties because of hormonal yoga helps with premenstrual syndrome and menstrual symptoms.

Doctors and gynecologists claim that yoga may reduce hormonal some of the discomforts caused by menopause, such as sleep problems and hot flashes. It is useful for women who are past menopause because it relieves the side effects of aging, such as reducing tjelene mobility and loss of sexual drive. Women who practice this way for some time now boast better health and improved blood circulation while the older ones say that they look younger and more supple than that of their peers.

Say goodbye to stress and relax


First Harmony for body and soul

In the sitting position prektrižite right foot over left knee and hold that position. While izdahnjujete upper body and head turn to the right side, right knee and grasp the left hand, while relying on the right hand. Hold this position 8 breaths and breaths, and then change sides. Do this 2 times on each side.

Second Immediately soothes

Lie on your back, feet slightly spread apart and knees rely on each other. Imagine that while you breathe in, breath enters through the left hand and passes through the left arm, where it goes to the door. Exhale through the right hand or right hand. Repeat the operation five times. Third Reduces tension Lie on your back and cross your legs in the leaves so that your knees are facing the floor. Extend your arms above your head, Twist your fingers and turn palms outward. Comfortable if put under the buttocks pad. 7 times fast and relaxed inhale and exhale. Repeat three times.

Forget Fatigue

First Warms and relaxes muscles

Stand with legs crossed. Raise your hands and stretch them. Twist your fingers and turn palms outward. My entire upper body slowly lean forward and stay in this position for one minute. Then slowly straighten. A minute shake hands. The entire scale exercises, repeat 2 times.

Second Provides energy

Many people found this program useful.

Sit on the toe. Bend arms outstretched while not touching the floor. Extend your left arm backward. Right knee stays in the middle of the chest. 7 times quickly inhale and exhale.

Third It stimulates metabolism

Lying on your back bend your right leg at knee height. Foot push the buttocks. Place left foot on right knee. Extend your left arm backward. 7 times inhale and exhale.
Exercises that make you more beautiful

First Good for line

Fold the legs. Cross both arms below the elbows. Pull your knees to the abdomen, so that you are back on earth. 7 times quickly inhale and exhale.

Second For more beautiful complexion

Slide your hands under your hips, palms placed on the floor. Weight rests on the hips wrists. Raise your legs so your thighs are vertical. Alternately strike the bottom left heel and right foot. When the turn left leg quickly inhale and exhale when the right hand.Repeat the operation five times.

Third Strengthens the skin

Slide your hands under your hips, palms placed on the floor. Lift the leg, and then alternately lift your knees toward the chest. The second leg of the stalls stretched.Quickly inhale and exhale through the nose. Repeat at 7 times for each side


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