4 exercises for a super tight ass

If you want a firm butt to work. We offer you a few exercises you can do at home and around it, while being completely free

4 exercises for a super tight assEvery woman longs for the perfect body line. Different diets many times do not provide promising results, and after several months of starvation we understand that the effort was futile. We offer you a few exercises you can do at home and around it, while being completely free.


Forget the elevator and walk the stairs. Roaming up and down will strengthen the buttocks . With time steps, can also leapt to the climbing two by two. We all know that the elevator is much easier and faster option, but you want a perfect body line.


Nothing can strengthen your buttocks better as squats. At the beginning of this exercise it will be tough and you will tire quickly, but after a while everything will be easier.

  • First Stand with feet outspread as much as you can.
  • Second Put your hands on your hips.
  • Third bend the legs at the knees and lower it down as much as possible. In this careful push knees directly over the toes, not to exceed them.
  • 4th Keep it short and squat in return to starting position.
  • 5th Repeat 8 to 10 times, with more time.


You can do this exercise while watching your favorite series. So, double the pleasure, enjoy your favorite program and do not worry about the strength of your buttocks.

First – One foot step out in front of other.

Many people found this program useful.

Second – Put your hands on your hips, bend your legs and lower yourself so that your knee on back legs almost touching the ground.

Third – Keep the buttocks muscles tighten.

4th – Repeat 10 times for each leg alternately.

Running uphill

If you are a fan of static exercise and enjoy nature, for you the best sports is climbing. Walk up the hill with faster steps and remember, running is great for its consolidation.

In the process of shaping the buttocks is extremely important technique of performing the exercises. Improper execution will not produce desirable results, and can hurt you. If you are unsure whether you perform exercises properly, seek the help of professional trainers.


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