Three exercises to get stronger abs

Want to quickly grow a six pack? Variation is more effective than repetition. Three workouts to get you to help super-abs.

It is a misconception that during ab exercises  you should do as many repetitions as you can. Abs are made to correct high strength and explosiveness. The main function of your abs is the transfer of power from your lower body to your upper body.

Do a low number of repetitions, with much resistance. Then develop your abs more quickly. Researchers at the University of San Diego did research on abdominal exercises and on the basis of their study they made a list of the most effective exercises. 

Their top 3: 

Bicycle maneuver for abs



Bicycle maneuver Lie flat on your back on the floor and press your back against the floor. Keep your hands beside your head. Bring your knees up to a 45 degree angle with your legs and make a bicycle motion. Touch your right knee with your left elbow, then touch your left knee with your right elbow.


Captain's chair for abs


Captain’s chair for this exercise you need a device: the Captain’s chair (see picture). Go against the unit on and grab the handles to stabilize your upper body. Push your back against the pillow, tighten your abs and bring your knees toward your chest. Make sure you do not make hollow back and let your legs dangle.




Many people found this program useful.

Kettlebell abdominal workout as a regular crunch, but with a kettlebell. Ga on the floor, grab a kettlebell with both hands on the sides of the kettlebell. Hold the Kettlebell behind your head and lift your head up a little. Then do crunches. First straight up, then obliquely to the left, and, finally, obliquely to the right.

- Best recomended tool is UGT -

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