Exercises for sexy legs in short pants

exercise shortsTime shorts and swimwear are already dangerously close. Are your feet ready for display? The following exercises can be further strengthened to ensure a flawless and sexy look.

90 degree rise

You need a yoga mat or chair on which you will be sitting. Place your feet shoulder width apart in your hands and lean with your body bent at the base or the seat of the chair. Slightly bend your knees and the upper part of the body panel forward, so you’ll have your back parallel to the floor. Both hands are still on the ground, right leg and stretch the page. Then lift your right leg up as high you can, with the abdominal muscles are compressed and the back level.Hold for three seconds, then slowly lower the leg. Change legs and repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times. Exercise is great for the creation of the buttocks, inner and outer thighs.

leg exercises

Heaven and Earth

Stand with your feet together, holding hands and a yoga mat, so you have a hand stretched in front. Drop in the Squat and the exhalation tilt your upper body as close to the knee. Bend your head against her chest, the hand will be bent so that the yoga mat for the knees. Foot forward will still počepu, while the upper body loosening up, and lift the arm high above his head. Return to the original position and repeat 15 times. With practice, design buttocks, back and abdomen.

leg exercises

Many people found this program useful.


In this exercise, first leg put together, feet turn slightly outwards. Basis yoga in the extended hold hands in front of me, so that the thighs. Stretch your right leg in front, the feet are still touching the ground. Lift the hand above his head and lean back slightly so that the right leg and limit the diagonal. Then drop the hand so that the basis for yoga before the bust, while the right leg lift ahead.Hold for two seconds, then release the leg and hand. Repeat at least 10 times. So you will strengthen your hands, back, thighs and abdomen.

leg exercises

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