Exercise for the lazy

Are you among those who do not stick to any recommendation about the benefits of exercise? You simply do not feel like sweating in the gym?

Many people found this program useful.

group exercise

If you are lazy by nature more variety, but would still like wiggled a little, try these suggestions more entertaining forms of exercise.



Shakira imitation
During the two or three songs Shakirinih mimic her movements with the hips. At the beginning you will go to laugh at some of the beat will keep you moving more and more relaxed. SPARC in the blank may sound odd, but in reality it can be fun, but also the possibility of damage is really minimal. Five minutes boksajte in air and in this fast poskakujte site. Like boxers are heated before entering the ring. This should strengthen the muscles of the hands, but you’ll still slightly out of breath.



Jumping rope
Do you think this is just a doll? You’re wrong! Professional athletes in heating regularly skipping jump. If you hold this for five minutes, you will achieve the same effect as if it ran for fifteen minutes. Moreover, to improve your blood circulation, strengthen muscles and burn some calories, with fault rope gaining a sense of rhythm and coordination. useful lounging in front of television advertisements during lie down on your back with your knees strong squeeze bag and tighten the abdominal muscles to hands try to pull the pillow. species, fun workout is not to be tackled one by one. You can take a couple of times a day for five minutes and you will achieve the same effect as if they all work done at once. Training is therefore not necessarily torture. Even small steps are fun and far.

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