Cycling is better than antidepressants

Experts believe that the biggest benefit of moving bike reduce alienation among people

Cycling is better than antidepressantsUsing bicycles to reduce traffic congestion, increase road safety, saves on fuel costs, parking and car maintenance. Considerable savings in time and the faster arrival from point A to point B, reduces the stress out of driving, and unlike a car or public transport using a bike we can accurately plan our arrival time at the desired location. Experts believe that the biggest benefit of using a bike is that it reduces alienation between people and the ability to communicate with other people. In addition, reduced pollution, dust and exhaust fumes, noise, and construction of bicycle paths is significantly cheaper than building roads for motor vehicles.

Unfortunately, there is still no campaign for greater use of bicycles in traffic, and considering the many benefits it can provide.


Cycling is one of the most widespread forms of recreation in the world, and many people use the bicycle as an everyday means of transportation to go to work. Cycling has a positive effect on general health, reduces the risk of common diseases of today: cardiovascular disease and cancer, diabetes, and also helps fight stress and depression, also lowers blood pressure, and is useful in preventing osteoporosis. In people with impaired mobility system it can be controlled using the bike as a good complement conventional rehabilitation, improving its performance and reduce the recurrence of damage. Beautiful landscapes, the dynamics of the activity, fresh air and the use of virtually all muscle groups are additional advantages of cycling. Such physical activity involves a large number of muscle groups in continuous cyclic motion, with continuous strain on the cardiovascular-respiratory system.

Unlike anaerobic sports, which include lifting weights or playing tennis, aerobic sports in particular improve cardiorespiratory capacity – to increase endurance, improve heart and lungs and improve circulation.

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