Cardio – the best way to burn fat

Does the concept of cardio win?

Cardio exercises represent a vital component of fitness. Without a “cardio” it will be difficult to achieve a strong and shaped body, besides providing your health and protects you from the risks of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and some cancers. And nothing is comparable to the intensive blood-črpajočo exercise that will cause the skin shiny, raised atmosphere and drew a smile on your face.


Does the concept of cardio win?

Most of us immediately lands in the compartment for cardio possessed. In this compartment are reserved names for running, spinning, whipping, kickboxing and swimming. However, various specific issues. Or maximizing the benefits of these great names of cardio? Or perform only one exercise, because you like it? Karidio what is best and how often? What about those that you do aerobic exercise is new and may have misconceptions about the correct choice?

First, get rid of some myths:

  1. For maximum fat loss is a good obržati heart rate in the ‘fat-burning zone. ”
    It’s a myth that persuading to burn more fat if the heart rate was low. So says renowned American coach Paul Robbins of the American Center Athletes preformance and Tempe in Arizona. When we train at low intensity level, is indeed most of the fuel accumulated in the fat, but the ‘burn’ less concrete than a more intensive level. Final consumption of calories is still more important than where it comes from fuel.
  2. The entire lower body can be formed from just the workouts like jogging or stepper.
    Another myth that is true to a certain degree, because to some extent, aerobic activities actually strengthen your lower body. To actually develop muscles and prevent injuries, but also shape the body, it is important to do exercises for strength, which strengthen the buttocks and legs. These exercises, which should contain more than one series of repetitions. The exercises can help to the cardio workout more productive. The more powerful the legs and buttocks, more and more will be trained! Translation: more trained, more calories consumed, the better the result.
  3. Some cardio equipment are better than others when it comes to aerobic training.
    wrong. It is true that some can not be on all devices the same effort. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that actually we are working on a high enough intensity to elevate heart rate. Our advice: you should select manual adjustment program to ensure you get a high enough intensity. If possible, select two devices in one, for example. device for boating, etc.. …
  4. If after exercise you are completely soaked and completely exhausted, you are not a strong enough signal.
    Myth. A good cardio workout should work energy and power, but not lethargic.The amount of sweat is always conditional intensities are present but also by other causes, temperature, humidity, genetics …
  5. Prolonged exercise burns more calories.
    wrong. In fact, we consume more calories in less time, with more intense intervals. The increase in heart rate will be consumed calories, plus it will boost metabolism and the body will burn calories even several hours after your workout completed.
  6. It should be 6 to 7 high-intensity aerobic training per week to ensure optimal strength and cardiovascular endurance.
    wrong. We can not train intensely every day, because it would lead to injuries and exhaustion. Rest is essential for muscle recovery and improve training.Do not work more than 2 to 3 high intensity cardio workouts per week, but of course you can combine low-and medium-intensity workouts.

So now we know what we should not do. Where to focus and how to train depends on your goals: For example, to maintain a level of health, that means somewhere in 30 minutes of any physical activity almost every day. If you want to lose weight or. excess body fat and keep updated form, this means that you’ll need 60 to 90 minutes at least average activity most days of the week.

Sometimes weight loss is nothing more difficult than to put one foot before the other, literally! The following describes a six-week exercise program of American sports psychologist Ray Browning of Colorado. The program includes walking, walking / jogging or running somewhere between 15 to 45 minutes 3x to 5x a week. In addition to cardio exercises is very desirable strength-training your lower body 2x a week and the results are guaranteed!

Cardio walking : if you’re just beginning the activity, or walk rather than run or do not want to burden their decisions. Cardio walking / jogging , if you answer a combination of both, or if you walk at least 30 minutes 3 times a week and want to add some speed. Cardio Cross : run you a comfortable workout for at least 30 minutes of low intensity to 5 times a week.

Ensuring progress : If you currently walk and would like to run in the fourth week of walking add walking / jogging and go to a higher level of slow runs in the sixth week.

Many people found this program useful.

Heating and stretching : Any cardio workout to start with 5 minutes walking distance.At the end of the chill with a 5-minute walk and raztegom. Hold each stretch position for at least 20 seconds without jerks and strains.

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