The best exercises

The best exercises for “burning” pounds

Many of us in the winter months diligently gathering weight, which we want to quickly get rid of the spring. Here are the most effective exercises for “kujenje” fat is especially prepared for our magazine, athletic trainer Mark darkness.Exercises at home, in the fitness center or in kind. We recommend that you take the weights of two 0.5 liter bottles of water, or buy a small 2 kg weights and join us. Before you begin, we will briefly explain why “our” work better than others.
When you decide to work on fat is the first rule that you must increase the consumption Kcal and speed up the metabolic processes in the body. You can do this just to make sure that the mechanical work on a lot of training to short breaks and that you include primarily large muscle groups, what is the guarantor of global energy consumption. Our work is complex, because each implementation to activate more muscle groups, especially the legs, they are the biggest consumers of energy and stabilizing the torso to the shoulders and arms. Precisely because of the complexity of our training is better than training on the tools in the fitness center. Movement on the tools a priori the condition of the muscles, taking care to stabilize the joints and the torso, and isolated muscle. In complex work and yourself to make a balance, stabilization and integration of large muscle groups.

Beginner: 10-12 repetitions with intermediate breaks of 60 seconds, 1-2 Round
Advanced: 12-18 repetitions with short breaks for 30 seconds, 2-3 rounds
well trained: 18 to 30 repetitions, 3 – 4 rounds, break only after completion of 5-part silent exercises – 60 seconds. Among the various circles can combine aerobic activity (bike, treadmill, stepper, …) with 2 to 6 minute intervals at high intensity.

First Squat thrust with the head


Squat is a great exercise for burning fat because it involves all major muscle groups, with a combination of thrust over his head and torso to activate stabilizers and shoulder muscles and triceps. Implementation is ongoing, coping, from the initial position of the drop in the final position and bend your hands up to an angle 90 °. Then the lift back to the starting position by pushing hands above his head, the last third of the movement breathe air. Starting position: Feet are wider than shoulder width were pointing slightly outwards, legs slightly tight, the knees, hands and feet. Final position: knees tight, and form an angle of 90 °, the final position of the drop as if they wanted to sit in a chair, bend your arms stretched out of position in a 90 ° angle between the humerus radius and ulna.
Thrust over his head

Many people found this program useful.

Second Various outing up with bending the elbow

Step various outingUnlike the various outing Squat workout move, which further activates the muscles of the rear loggia, gluteus, bending the elbow while providing for activation of stabilizers, elbow flexor. Due to step forward – backward even more efficient with the energy. Beginners should step out and exercise to exclude only keep pace with the downward movement – up. Implementation is ongoing, coping, from its initial position to move forward and dive into the end position and bend your elbow. Then make a step back to starting position and stretch the elbow, the last third of the movement breathe air. Starting position: Feet are together, then make a step forward for the length of the legs. Go down so deep that leg angle of 90 ° between the femur and tibias. Make sure that your knee does not exceed the line of the toes (fore leg).When descending, bend your elbows. Final position: Let it so “profound” that the toe angle of 90 ° between the femur and tibias. Make sure that your knee does not exceed the tench of the toes (fore leg). When descending, bend your elbows to make a deflection.
Step various outing

Third One-legged dead lift standing in rowing

One-legged dead liftOne-legged “dead lift” is a complex exercise, which has a major impact on the gluteus, the rear loggia, the lower back muscles and shoulder girdle and balance. Implementation of the liquid related. From its initial position to make predklon, you must do the required camber (lordozo) lower spine. When releasing the femur bottles. Starting position: standing on one leg, arms bent at the elbow and shoulder high in the tench. Then you begin to descend toward the floor, but the leg remains extended this to the movement occurs only in the hip and pelvis. Iztegujte hands and drop them on your body toward the floor. Final position: standing on one leg, body and rear leg elevated position forming a T. Arms are outstretched and the feet are nearly touching the ground (depending on your flexibility).
One-legged dead lift

4th Short bending angle of rotation of the legs and iztegom

The deflection angleShort bending angle of rotation of the body and legs iztegom is a fantastic workout, as charged on all key elements of muscle, taking care to stabilize the torso. Projection due to increased leg and arm, the torque of the abdominal muscles (lower part), the deflection is increased generation of force the upper abdominal muscles, due to rotation is activated torso rotators. Execution is fast, connected, correct. From its initial position when one of the legs extended this, elbow outstretched legs slightly moves in the opposite direction, as to want to touch your knees pokrčne feet. initial and final position: The exercise will be repeated interchangeably when tight, the left knee, right elbow zarotirate on the left side, then straighten your left leg, bend your right and at the same time to rotate the left elbow to the right. Rotation are small, raising the body a few inches, because the mere technique exercises with his legs stretched sufficiently heavy to carry, so you do not need to lift the body as in a variety of exercises for abdominal muscles.
The deflection angle

5th Various outing a step in the transition Squat with bending the elbow


Excellent workout, which consists of various outing steps of bending the elbow and the Squat thrust over his head.Execution is the same as in the two previously mentioned work, the difference is related exercises. SquatExercise is complex, requires a bit more motor skills, but we assure you that you will be amazed, because really “burns” fat. Design: First, make the initial in the final position of various outing exercise step by bending your elbow when you return to the starting position make a correction to lift the leg so high that the knee in tench hip then step aside and make the drop in the Squat from the final position of the handles and push vzravnate overhead then step forward into the gap, bend your elbows … Difficult? Yes! But effective.

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