Beat cardio routine!

Exercise is equally mental effort as it is physical, and this is often forgotten.If you spend most of the week in the gym or exercising at home, hoping to important results, you may be faced with indifference.

Maybe not in such a short time reached all the target results (perhaps they were unrealistic), you may have noticed that you have achieved results, but still have not removed at the same point …

Many people found this program useful.

Often we do not appreciate the distance traveled and the results since we are concentrating on something that should happen, and it is not. Just because it needs objectively and calmly review your progress and assess where you are relative to the beginning.

If you want to introduce some changes in your cardio routine and do not give up aerobic activity, we have a few tips to get you to feel the passion again to sweat!

Extend training

If you get your body used to the half hour cardia, it is necessary to extend the trail.Add your training ten to 15 minutes. Most cardio workout lasts between 30 and 45 minutes: the first ten to 15 minutes refers to the burning of glycogen stores before your body starts to burn fat. It is therefore important that you maintain your heart same zone during the workout and add those extra ten to 15 minutes.

High Intensity Interval Training

Popularly known as HIIT (engl. high intensity interval training ), this training includes 30 to 120 seconds of high intensity aerobic activity followed by 60-120 seconds of aerobic activity of moderate or low intensity. So you can burn more calories (between 50 and 75 extra calories per session) during training, and after him, but the classic train aerobically for your heart more time working with the increased number of beats.

Increase the number of training

If you are enrolled in an aerobic program twice a week, expand its plan for an extra day . If you have three days at the gym, move it there for four to six days’ week.

Shake Training

Run in the morning and lift weights at night.In the initial part of the day we have a low level of glycogen and thus quicker to pull the body reserves of energy from fat . It will spark your metabolism and get the speed up.

Change the device

It offers a wide range of devices for aerobic training. Do not be “parked” on the same every day – try them all. For example, stationary bike riding on Mondays, Wednesdays run at the bar, and on Fridays and Saturdays on an elliptical exercise trainers or treadmill.

In this way you will “confuse” your muscles which will have to try harder to learn new tasks and exercise will get different muscle groups, depending on a machine where you are.

If you are serious in its intention of weight loss , regularly monitor your progress and analyze “their way”. Weigh yourself, keep a daily food that you eat and exercise daily. In addition to weighing, measuring and quantity of your body fat that would have reduced over time.Integrate a proper diet for your needs and do not just hope for the best – do it!

- Best recomended tool is UGT -

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