What is Interval Training

Interval training is used for decades to develop fitness skills of top athletes. Because of its advantages it is increasingly being used in the development of fitness and endurance for losing excess weight.

Interval training in fitness can be described as a type of training where you alternate intervals of high intensity with intervals of low intensity. This training brings the body into a state of increased stress, resulting in higher energy consumption during the workout and afterwards. Recovery after intense interval training can take a longer period of time in which the body consumes more energy than usual. The result is greater consumption of fat and losing weight much faster, and faster development of resistance because the body adapts to a higher stress.

To reap the benefits of interval training as a means for removing excess weight it is necessary to know how to perform it effectively and safely, and it can be done in many ways. Interval training can be directed to the change during the interval cardio training, such as changing shorter or longer intervals of running with intervals of walking. Also we can modify the intervals or the intervals of rest during a round with weights. As a very effective training in weight loss or increased endurance has become a popular HIIT training, ie, high intensity interval training and a TABATA. Such training after the warm-up alternates short intervals of maximum intensity with active rest intervals. What is the most effective form of training, it is difficult to say. So, here is a sample workout that combines several forms of interval training in one, for everyone. Cardio training will be used to raise aerobic endurance and activation of fat metabolism, and circuit training with weights to increase muscle mass in order to raise the level of active metabolism, and body shape.


Such training changes medium intensity cardio intervals with intervals of intense weight training, which gives a dynamic during training, and holds the frequency of the heart and increased calorie consumption during the entire workout. This training will run great transformational effects in your body which will increase your endurance and body shape, and increase energy consumption over a longer period of time after the training.Therefore it is advisable to run every other day to give the body enough time to recover. When combined with proper diet, it will definitely yield great results.


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Essay writing for beginners

This brand-new, comprehensive essay-writing and student friendly guide provides practical guidance and instruction in an effective,technical and holistic approach to writing.Writing skills are on the minds of students and teachers everywhere. This brand-new, comprehensive essay-writing and student friendly guide provides practical guidance and instruction in an effective,technical and holistic approach to writing.

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Essay writing for beginners






























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Beat cardio routine!

Exercise is equally mental effort as it is physical, and this is often forgotten.If you spend most of the week in the gym or exercising at home, hoping to important results, you may be faced with indifference.

Maybe not in such a short time reached all the target results (perhaps they were unrealistic), you may have noticed that you have achieved results, but still have not removed at the same point …

Often we do not appreciate the distance traveled and the results since we are concentrating on something that should happen, and it is not. Just because it needs objectively and calmly review your progress and assess where you are relative to the beginning.

If you want to introduce some changes in your cardio routine and do not give up aerobic activity, we have a few tips to get you to feel the passion again to sweat!

Extend training

If you get your body used to the half hour cardia, it is necessary to extend the trail.Add your training ten to 15 minutes. Most cardio workout lasts between 30 and 45 minutes: the first ten to 15 minutes refers to the burning of glycogen stores before your body starts to burn fat. It is therefore important that you maintain your heart same zone during the workout and add those extra ten to 15 minutes.

High Intensity Interval Training

Popularly known as HIIT (engl. high intensity interval training ), this training includes 30 to 120 seconds of high intensity aerobic activity followed by 60-120 seconds of aerobic activity of moderate or low intensity. So you can burn more calories (between 50 and 75 extra calories per session) during training, and after him, but the classic train aerobically for your heart more time working with the increased number of beats.

Increase the number of training

If you are enrolled in an aerobic program twice a week, expand its plan for an extra day . If you have three days at the gym, move it there for four to six days’ week.

Shake Training

Run in the morning and lift weights at night.In the initial part of the day we have a low level of glycogen and thus quicker to pull the body reserves of energy from fat . It will spark your metabolism and get the speed up.

Change the device

It offers a wide range of devices for aerobic training. Do not be “parked” on the same every day – try them all. For example, stationary bike riding on Mondays, Wednesdays run at the bar, and on Fridays and Saturdays on an elliptical exercise trainers or treadmill.

In this way you will “confuse” your muscles which will have to try harder to learn new tasks and exercise will get different muscle groups, depending on a machine where you are.

If you are serious in its intention of weight loss , regularly monitor your progress and analyze “their way”. Weigh yourself, keep a daily food that you eat and exercise daily. In addition to weighing, measuring and quantity of your body fat that would have reduced over time.Integrate a proper diet for your needs and do not just hope for the best – do it!

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5 best exercise for weight loss

Each of these exercises affect several different muscle groups, which means that you will achieve much less exercise.

Exercises that bring you great for slimming and tightening the whole body, especially the critical points on the body – the abdomen, buttocks, upper arms and thighs.

Repeat this exercise three to four times a week, leaving a day between each workout to help the body rest. Each of these exercises affect several different muscle groups, which means that you will achieve much less exercise. After each exercise session to rest 30-60 seconds.

The squat in stretching

Excellent for the quadriceps, hamstrings staržnu, glutes, abs and shoulders.

A. Stand upright with feet shoulder-width apart. The elbows are bent, and hands are at shoulder height hold weights of 1 or 1.5 kg, palms facing forward. Squat down (make sure your knees do not pass over the toes) and hold a pose two-trisekunde.

B. Then, the movement controlled stretch and stretch your whole body and arms are now outstretched above your head. Return to starting position. Do three sets of 15 repetitions.

Biceps curls on one leg

Great for back, shoulders, biceps, abs, kvardicepse, the hamstrings and glutes.

A. Stand facing administrative chair, holding weights in your hands. Lean forward so your back is stretched out and flat, almost parallel with the ground. Rely on the right hand seat. Extend your left arm toward the ground, palm facing the body and lift the left leg stretched behind him, so your bodylooks like the letter T.

B. Slowly bend your elbow and lift the dumbbell until your upper arms are outstretched not harmonize with the rest of the body. Hold the pose for two seconds, then lower the weight. Do 15 repetitions and then switch sides and repeat. This is one set, make it three.

Stepping on the bench with curl

Excellent for the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, abs and biceps.

A left foot on the bench or step stool. In the hands of your weights.

B. With weight on left foot, lift up on the bench and then lift your right leg until the thigh comes into the plane with the ground.Simultaneously lift weights chest. Return to starting position. Do 15 repetitions, and then replace your hand and repeat. This is one set, make it three.

Dolphin lumber

Great for abs, back and shoulders.

A. Lie on the ground on your stomach, your feet are connected. Keeping your forearms on the ground, lift the middle part of the body (abdomen, hips and Strážnice), and lift the toe, and take a low plank (plank) position.Make sure that your butt does not “protrude” in the air, the body must be straight.

B. Inhale while raising the hips in the air until your body comes in a reverse V position.Stay by two to three seconds, then slowly return to plank position. Do three sets of 15 repetitions.


Great for the hips, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and abs.

A. Stand upright with feet hip-width. Hands on hips. Then the left foot step diagonally so the right side and back and cross behind right foot, bend your knees (like the bow), and extend your left arm toward the ground on the outside of your right foot.

B. Go back to the starting position. Do 15 repetitions, then switch sides and repeat.This is one set, make it three.

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Three exercises to get stronger abs

Want to quickly grow a six pack? Variation is more effective than repetition. Three workouts to get you to help super-abs.

It is a misconception that during ab exercises  you should do as many repetitions as you can. Abs are made to correct high strength and explosiveness. The main function of your abs is the transfer of power from your lower body to your upper body.

Do a low number of repetitions, with much resistance. Then develop your abs more quickly. Researchers at the University of San Diego did research on abdominal exercises and on the basis of their study they made a list of the most effective exercises. 

Their top 3: 

Bicycle maneuver for abs



Bicycle maneuver Lie flat on your back on the floor and press your back against the floor. Keep your hands beside your head. Bring your knees up to a 45 degree angle with your legs and make a bicycle motion. Touch your right knee with your left elbow, then touch your left knee with your right elbow.


Captain's chair for abs


Captain’s chair for this exercise you need a device: the Captain’s chair (see picture). Go against the unit on and grab the handles to stabilize your upper body. Push your back against the pillow, tighten your abs and bring your knees toward your chest. Make sure you do not make hollow back and let your legs dangle.




Kettlebell abdominal workout as a regular crunch, but with a kettlebell. Ga on the floor, grab a kettlebell with both hands on the sides of the kettlebell. Hold the Kettlebell behind your head and lift your head up a little. Then do crunches. First straight up, then obliquely to the left, and, finally, obliquely to the right.

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How to start running for beginners?

Running increases the strength of leg bones, improves cardiovascular and respiratory system, is perfect for burning calories, reducing stress and frustration …

Women have always been engaged in running, but in recent years of jogging and running has become a very popular sport among women. What is the difference between jogging and running ? jogging is considered a slow monotonous jogging, recreational running, while running longer is considered active by running faster.

Once you decide that running will become a part of your cardiovascular workout, start with easy jogging . Keep in mind that any form of running is  a very difficult activity that is often not suitable for women who are overweight or elderly women, whose joints can not handle the constant pressure / kicking, which occurs during running.

But if you believe that there are no barriers to why you would not jogging or running, you will soon feel its positive effects.

Benefits of running

  • Sports in general raises your basal metabolism rate, and occurs with much faster metabolism, which is good for your body
  • Running increases leg strength and improve cardiovascular and respiratory system
  • Running is perfect for burning calories
  • Running helps in reducing stress and frustration in everyday life
  • If you eat too much, drink or smoke, running is definitely one way to redeem your body
  • Running does not cause degeneration of bones and joints. Just the opposite. Helps build and strengthen bone and joint structure

How to train?

  • When you run, do it properly, the trampling of the fifth fingers

  • Always increase the distance running, especially if you’re new to the sport. Measure the time that you need to run the specified distance, to learn to keep an even pace and see the progress
  • If you increase speed,  adjust your arms
  • When you run up the hill,  lean your body forward to help work the steps on the steeper terrain
  • When sprinting, try running only from the front of the foot or the toes and foot cushions, heel is always in the air
  • When it is possible run on grass, gravel, or race track to reduce pressure on joints
  • Get a good quality running shoes for running How to choose the right model of sneakers?
  • Always wear cotton socks that allow your feet, evaporation, and the entry of fresh air

Route selection

When preparing to run it is the best to pre-determine which route will run. Your goal is to find a stable, flat surface. As already mentioned, it would be good if you ran up the gravel, grass or similar surfaces, to reduce pressure on joints. If you are a beginner, avoid hilly areas.

Also, it is useful to choose areas where there is little or no traffic, because you will thus be able to focus more on running and relaxing and you’ll not have to watch out for traffic. If you run when night falls, choose routes that are well lighted. Avoid running during the winter ice and generally a potentially slippery slopes.

How to start running?

As is the case with any other sporting activity, before running it is necessary to warm up, and you can do with a brisk walk or a slow jog. Once you are warmed up, try to keep a unique pace throughout the run, but do not force to the border where you will not be able to breathe. When are you going to train longer, it will be easier to keep pace, you’ll be able to run faster and longer routes.Unnecessary forcing can easily get you to unnecessary injuries.

Run as you have time. You do not need to run the same every time. If you have 30 minutes of run time do 30m so if you have more, run more. For the body it is very important to take the shorter and longer runs.

To do a right cardiovascular running  workout that will help you burn fat, it is best to make half of training in race walking, and running in half. After some time, increase the run time, and reduce it by walking. Finally eliminate pace, you’ll be able to run without stopping for 45 minutes.

How many calories you spend while running depends on your weight, activity, intensity, duration and course of running demanding terrain.  On average one and a half kilometers is about 100 calories.

Do not forget to have the body hydrated before, during and after running .


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Injuries in Runners

If you’ve ever dealt with jogging, recreational or professional, the chances are that you have met with some of the more common injuries that accompany the sport.

One of the most sensitive body parts of runners in the knee , but not every knee pain a sign that you are seriously injured. The so-called  Iliotibial tendon syndrome is often mistakenly attributed to an injury of the knee. It is persistent and exhausting pain, which except for runners occurs in various activities with repetitive movements of the knee curl.

Pain on the outside of the knee

Iliotibial tendon extends from the hip along the outside of the thigh and ends below the knee. It is also the place where the most common pain in the sprain is or inflammation, and because of it we can often reach the wrong conclusion that this was a knee injury. When the tendon overstrung, it is prone to friction with the bone structure outside of the thigh, causing inflammation.


Pain may occur during training, and can last longer time in everyday activities.Sometimes it can be very intense so that we even have possible difficulties in walking.

Various causes of

There are three main factors that lead to problems with Iliotibial chord: inflexibility, excessive pronation and too weak pronationPronation is the natural movement of feet turning inward in contact with the ground. It is worth mentioning the wrong choice for a running surface (eg, run by the courts that are inclined to one side), and inappropriate footwear worn, too intense and too frequent training sessions, as well as anatomical causes – such as unequal leg length, and thewomen’s broader pelvis, leading to increased pronation, and thus a greater risk for Iliotibial  syndrome.

Test flexibility

Level of flexibility Iliotibial tapes you can check with the so-called Ober test , but to avoid confusion that can arise with this ailments, be sure to visit an orthopedic doctor who will do detailed clinical examination to reject all other possible causes and different tests to diagnose and work with you to try to determine the cause (flexible cord, your body biomechanics, footwear ..). 

The rest is part of the training

Rest is the first thing your doctor will suggest . Will advise you to use cold compresses to reduce inflammation, a change of running surface, or orthopedic cushionedinsoles , flexibility and strength exercises, physiotherapy and sometimes, in rare cases, when none of the recommended actions does not give the desired results, consider the operational procedure in order to relax the tendons.


Alphabet practice

  • three most important things that you can instantly install in your training are warming up before a workout, gradually cooling and stretching after a workout. Particular attention to stretching exercises Iliotibial Ober test tapes, exercises for flexibility, sheets and flexibility exercises for the hamstrings thighs.

  • advisable is to keep a training diary and to be able to connect to the possible occurrence of a problem
  • thorough inspection of footwear and consult with experts on the type that best suits your type of material
  • that the pain is the most common indication that you are doing something wrong, try to become aware of all movements during certain activities to Detect one that eventually could be causing the problem.

Although it is said that to avoid injury makes the difference between superior and average athlete, we probably have all sometimes find ourselves in a situation that we forced us over a reasonable limit. So remember, pain is not your enemy but a friend who tells you that you have the border dangerously close, and that somewhere something is wrong. Progress is not possible through ignorance but through recognizing its limitations.

Stretching Iliotibial tendon : Stand so that your right side is facing the stationary surface (wall, pole, tree ..) and lean right hand. Cross right foot behind left. Tilt right hip to the ground relied on by the focus shifted to the right leg. It is your left knee bent and right is right. Hold. If implemented properly exercise you will feel the tension outside of the right hip and upper right thigh. Repeat on the left side. When stretching, movements should generally be gentle and brought gradually. Each movement is necessary to keep the 30 seconds.

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Ice bath after a workout reduces muscle inflammation

Cold or ice bath after a workout can reduce muscle inflammation, but for now experts do not know whether it can leave the negative consequences.

Athletes often immersed their body in ice baths to reduce inflammation of muscles after a workout to avoid stiffness, swelling or pain in the muscles the next day . Does this treatment ensures success ?

Researchers of the Department of Health and Rehabilitation, University of Ulster reviewed 17 small clinical trials of cold or ice baths after training with a total of 366 respondents. They mainly compared the effects of these baths with no intervention or rest after exercise, and cold baths were associated with significantly less pain in the muscles up to four days after exercise.

In most studies, respondents have spent between five and 24 minutes in water temperatures on average between ten and 15 degrees Celsius. In some cases, the respondents came from the bath and returned to it at a desired time.

“We found some evidence that immersion in cold water after exercise may reduce muscle pain, but only in parallel with the rest. Advised caution about these results because the participants knew what kind of treatment received, and some of the reported benefits could be attributed to placebo effect” explained the study leader Chris Bleakley.

“It is possible that there are better ways to reduce inflammation, such as immersion in hot water, light jogging or compression stockings, but currently we do not have enough data to reach conclusions about these interventions,” concluded the study’s lead author published in the magazine 
The Cochrane Library .

In most studies they have not mentioned side effects, therefore, Irish researchers claim to have enough information about possible risks of immersion in cold water. Adding that they need to do more quality study: “It is important to note that immersion in cold water stimulates the degree of shock to the body. We must be sure that people do not do something harmful, especially if they exhibit a very long period of cold water”.

Ice bath after exercise slows catabolic processes (decomposition) of 90 percent. Cold tightens blood vessels and decreases metabolic activity, which in turn reduces the swelling of the muscle. Once you emerge from the water body, the tissue is heated, the blood flows faster, and so the cell decomposition is faster in the lymphatic system (the body recycles them so effectively). “Not only do ice baths soothe inflammation, but it helps flush harmful metabolic residues from the muscles,” said David Terry, a famous American runner.

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Exercises for a strong back

This weight training strengthens your back.

exercises for a strong back

Exercise 1: Reverse rowing with towel – Step A

exercises for a strong back 1B

Exercise 1: Reverse rowing with towel – Step B

exercises for a strong back 2A

Exercise 2: Alternating Dumbbell Rows – Step A

exercises for a strong back 2B

Exercise 2: Alternating Dumbbell Rows – Step B

exercises for a strong back 3A

Exercise 3: Bent-over lateral raises – Step A

exercises for a strong back 3B

Exercise 3: Bent-over lateral raises – Step B

exercises for a strong back 4A

Exercise 4: Lat pulldown, kneeling – Step A

exercises for a strong back 4B


Exercise 4: Lat pulldown, kneeling – Step B

exercises for a strong back 5A

Exercise 5: Y-Lift on the Exercise Ball – Step A

exercises for a strong back 5B

Exercise 5: Y-Lift on the Exercise Ball – Step B

exercises for a strong back 6A

Exercise 6: One-arm cable pulley rowing – Step A

exercises for a strong back 6B

Exercise 6: One-arm cable pulley rowing – Step B

exercises for a strong back 7A

Exercise 7: Cable pulls to the face – Step A

exercises for a strong back 7B

Exercise 7: Cable pulls to the face – Step B

exercises for a strong back 8A

Exercise 8: dumbbell lifting, lying – Step A

exercises for a strong back 8B

Exercise 8: dumbbell lifting, lying – Step B





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Workout Music


 Here you can find great motivational songs for any kind of sport or activity.



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Illustrated Guide To High Intensity Interval Training

This is by far the best illustrated explanation of the High Intensity Interval Training.

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Skike – Nordic skating

Like many innovations and has no skike Slovenian translation, it is for fun on the special skateboarding with larger wheels. They say that the more dynamic of Nordic walking and healthier than running.

Like many innovations and has no skike Slovenian translation, it is for fun on the special skateboarding with larger wheels.  They say that the more dynamic of Nordic walking and healthier than running.

In addition, skiking appropriate for those who have so far dealt with the sport, but also for those with overweight as a minimum strain on the joints, good for the heart and blood vessels, protects bindings and therefore healthier, safer and more dynamic of similar sports.


Skike name derives from a combination of English words skate (skateboard) and bike (bicycle), from which we get a skateboard with sturdy frames the larger inflatable wheels which allows quick movement. Movement technique reminiscent of the skating technique, similar to that of cross-country skiing. Skike was invented by an Austrian Otto Eder, who wanted to sport utility, which could also ran a summer like skiing. The first prototype which weighed six pounds and was quite neokreten, over the years it has improved and came running up to today’s skateboards, inflatable wheels due to run after a soft substrate.

Sports and Entertainment

Sports and Entertainment

Skike is suitable to maintain fitness for professional athletes, but also for all other people who want to actively move to fresh air. Ga is not difficult to learn, in addition, it does not require much equipment, and is therefore relatively cheap. Skikamo be in tennis shoes with stiffer soles and good grip feet, but still need sticks, helmets and shields. For increased safety, it is recommended to use protective gloves. It can be fun on any terrain: on asphalt, tarmac, forest paths, grass or concrete, so it can be used in places where the rollers can not be. Its advantage is in pneumatic wheels, solid frame and, of course, effective performance. With this device called can overcome greater distances or have fun in the streets. The most popular in Germany and the Netherlands and, increasingly, also penetrates into our area.

The proper technique

The proper technique

Nordic Walking with special poles help us in the already well-established, a few of you out properly.Similarly, when skiku: We must learn the proper techniques, because only with the right coordination of the arms, legs and body for optimal health effects, while pokurimo even more calories. In skiku works a lot of body muscles, so it is perfect for the creation of the law, in particular, provides a safe and quick stopping, because it has efficient brakes, which can drive safely even on slopes. Skike techniques you can learn in our country to organized courses, because there are quite a few licensed instructors, sign can be made to the competition in this technique. This technique also train professional athletes: Nordic kombinatorci during annual training, to improve the kayakers slipping technique, the technique of telemark skiers, Nordic skiers, and cyclists and other athletes.

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Rihanna with exercise to fuller buttocks

Have you noticed that the popular singer Rihanna recently lost weight significantly? It is aware of itself, it has already made a plan on how they gained a few pounds.

Have you noticed that the popular singer Rihanna recently lost weight significantly?  It is aware of itself, it has already made a plan on how they gained a few pounds.

Rihanna , who has always stressed that her favorite part of the body’s full backs, has recently revealed that it is not impressed by the fact that she lost a few pounds. As she is by losing just one body part that you loved. Charming singer, who published the sixth studio album, Talk That Talk , but no, it has already produced a plan, how will her buttocks again become fuller and more attractive.

The workout will firm the buttocks

Are you interested in what is her plan? Rihanna is already hard at exercising, results of the exercise will be seen soon. “I will endeavor to make my butt used to be like. I started with an intensive walking, which I upgraded to run on the elliptical and exercise bike. I started I will deal with something that will make my butt more firmly, ” revealed the 24-year-old Rihanna. Rihanna’s weight loss has not escaped the public eye, as rumors have emerged that the star of this figure is starving. To such allegations and Rihanna responds: “I eat everything and not starving. I eat a ice cream, Italian food, and even fast food.” Rihanna is losing kilos attaches coconut water you drink in large quantities every day.

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20 minutes for fantastic body

Recent research has revealed that the full line-up enough to exercise every day spend only 20 minutes of your free time, but it must be training at high load.

Recent research has revealed that the full line-up enough to exercise every day spend only 20 minutes of your free time, but it must be training at high load.

Sports experts even claim that your body is definitely not good if you sweat in the gym for over an hour, they say it is enough to sweat just 20 minutes. Although many of you at this time greatly relieved at the realization that your daily “torture” in the gym completed in less than half an hour, but do not be fooled. British personal trainer Steve Barratt said: “If you reduce your workout time, then you working out with high load. ” What does that mean in practice? If you’re up to now in a good hour fitness gym, exercise and were composed of slow running and lifting light weights, you now a gym for half an hour or less, but you have to run faster and lift heavier weights.

Workout in the gym can be done in 20 minutes, but only at high intensity exercises.Workout in the gym can be done in 20 minutes, but only at high intensity exercises.

Only in this case, the 20-minute workout in which the good spotite and even stay out of breath, more effective than one hour of exercise at low intensity. If you want to lose any kilo or two in the shortest possible time, the 20-minute workout at high intensity is right for you. While Steve Barrat still says:”Nevertheless, you can not expect that you will first visit the gym to lifts weights large. Progress must be gradual.”

Even celebrities try out this method of exercise

Some Hollywood stars because of their crowded schedules do not have much time for exercise, swear by this method of exercise. Among them is Jennifer Aniston , who says that her 22-minute workout works wonders. It is also agreed model Helena Christiansen , who says: “20 minutes is enough to make me speed up the heartbeat and I am not too exhausted.”

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Exercise for the lazy

Are you among those who do not stick to any recommendation about the benefits of exercise? You simply do not feel like sweating in the gym?

group exercise

If you are lazy by nature more variety, but would still like wiggled a little, try these suggestions more entertaining forms of exercise.



Shakira imitation
During the two or three songs Shakirinih mimic her movements with the hips. At the beginning you will go to laugh at some of the beat will keep you moving more and more relaxed. SPARC in the blank may sound odd, but in reality it can be fun, but also the possibility of damage is really minimal. Five minutes boksajte in air and in this fast poskakujte site. Like boxers are heated before entering the ring. This should strengthen the muscles of the hands, but you’ll still slightly out of breath.



Jumping rope
Do you think this is just a doll? You’re wrong! Professional athletes in heating regularly skipping jump. If you hold this for five minutes, you will achieve the same effect as if it ran for fifteen minutes. Moreover, to improve your blood circulation, strengthen muscles and burn some calories, with fault rope gaining a sense of rhythm and coordination. useful lounging in front of television advertisements during lie down on your back with your knees strong squeeze bag and tighten the abdominal muscles to hands try to pull the pillow. species, fun workout is not to be tackled one by one. You can take a couple of times a day for five minutes and you will achieve the same effect as if they all work done at once. Training is therefore not necessarily torture. Even small steps are fun and far.

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5 exercises to help you spend more calories!

Secret formula, which could lose excess weight, is not simple. It all starts and ends with a logical calculation, you need to spend more than they consume. To the target can arrive earlier if you begin the exercises, which can in the shortest time burn more calories.

5 sessions

Biking – 700 calories

The cycling may spend as much as 700 calories in one hour, if you ride at a speed of 23 kilometers per hour, which is a kind of average speed. In bad weather, sit on the stationary bike, otherwise you may choose to ride in the fresh air, which will be good for your health and wellbeing.

Kickboxing – 800 calories

Kickboxing is a coherent mixture of boxing and foot techniques drawn from other arts such as Karate and Savate. Comes from the U.S. and is among the youngest martial arts. It is an excellent exercise in which the whole body of work, because you need to activate each major muscle in the body, in addition, include interval training. Heart rate will fluctuate with exercise, which is optimal for the loss of excess weight. With this kind of exercise you can lose hours in up to 800 calories.


5 sessions

Skipping the skipping is simple and effective.(Photo: iStockphoto)

Skipping rope – 130 calories

Jumping with skipping is extremely efficient and simple exercises, which you can do anywhere. Is the best workout when you do not have enough time to devote to physical activity, it need only 10 minutes and very simple device – skipping, you can always have with you, it takes up almost no space. It provides a rapid and visible results within 10 minutes you can spend as 130 calories.
Step aerobics – 600 calories

In this type of training used small step, or step, in which the through movement structures to climb and descending again. This trend is related to dynamic choreography, all of which contributes to an intense workout, which burn fat and calories porabljajte. In step aerobics and strengthen your entire body design, calorie consumption is 30 percent higher than in traditional aerobics. The higher the podium, the more calories you spend, if you opt for a height of 15 inches, you can spend hours training with 600 calories.

Zumba – from 500 to 1000 calories
Who would have thought that you can spend hours dancing so many calories.Zumba is a dance that is based on the Latin music and Latin simple steps to create a dance floor heated atmosphere and bring tangible results. Best of all is that a dance background is required, so the dance can tackle just about everyone. Is a combination of both dance steps as well as restorative exercises, intense movements and may spend up to 1000 calories per hour.

Zumba - 10
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What are the exercises in the gym can burn more calories?

gym can burn more calories

Most calories are lost through exercise involving large muscles of the body: primarily leg muscles and back muscles. Many burn calories with exercise performance, which also involved several muscles, such as  Squats or dead lift. It is also recommended interval training, which can be implemented on the track, bike, or similar device. This is the first workout for about one minute practiced very intensively, followed by less intensive phase, which also takes about one minute. More and less intensive phase, then turn out up to 20 minutes.


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Cardio – the best way to burn fat

Does the concept of cardio win?

Cardio exercises represent a vital component of fitness. Without a “cardio” it will be difficult to achieve a strong and shaped body, besides providing your health and protects you from the risks of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and some cancers. And nothing is comparable to the intensive blood-črpajočo exercise that will cause the skin shiny, raised atmosphere and drew a smile on your face.


Does the concept of cardio win?

Most of us immediately lands in the compartment for cardio possessed. In this compartment are reserved names for running, spinning, whipping, kickboxing and swimming. However, various specific issues. Or maximizing the benefits of these great names of cardio? Or perform only one exercise, because you like it? Karidio what is best and how often? What about those that you do aerobic exercise is new and may have misconceptions about the correct choice?

First, get rid of some myths:

  1. For maximum fat loss is a good obržati heart rate in the ‘fat-burning zone. ”
    It’s a myth that persuading to burn more fat if the heart rate was low. So says renowned American coach Paul Robbins of the American Center Athletes preformance and Tempe in Arizona. When we train at low intensity level, is indeed most of the fuel accumulated in the fat, but the ‘burn’ less concrete than a more intensive level. Final consumption of calories is still more important than where it comes from fuel.
  2. The entire lower body can be formed from just the workouts like jogging or stepper.
    Another myth that is true to a certain degree, because to some extent, aerobic activities actually strengthen your lower body. To actually develop muscles and prevent injuries, but also shape the body, it is important to do exercises for strength, which strengthen the buttocks and legs. These exercises, which should contain more than one series of repetitions. The exercises can help to the cardio workout more productive. The more powerful the legs and buttocks, more and more will be trained! Translation: more trained, more calories consumed, the better the result.
  3. Some cardio equipment are better than others when it comes to aerobic training.
    wrong. It is true that some can not be on all devices the same effort. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that actually we are working on a high enough intensity to elevate heart rate. Our advice: you should select manual adjustment program to ensure you get a high enough intensity. If possible, select two devices in one, for example. device for boating, etc.. …
  4. If after exercise you are completely soaked and completely exhausted, you are not a strong enough signal.
    Myth. A good cardio workout should work energy and power, but not lethargic.The amount of sweat is always conditional intensities are present but also by other causes, temperature, humidity, genetics …
  5. Prolonged exercise burns more calories.
    wrong. In fact, we consume more calories in less time, with more intense intervals. The increase in heart rate will be consumed calories, plus it will boost metabolism and the body will burn calories even several hours after your workout completed.
  6. It should be 6 to 7 high-intensity aerobic training per week to ensure optimal strength and cardiovascular endurance.
    wrong. We can not train intensely every day, because it would lead to injuries and exhaustion. Rest is essential for muscle recovery and improve training.Do not work more than 2 to 3 high intensity cardio workouts per week, but of course you can combine low-and medium-intensity workouts.

So now we know what we should not do. Where to focus and how to train depends on your goals: For example, to maintain a level of health, that means somewhere in 30 minutes of any physical activity almost every day. If you want to lose weight or. excess body fat and keep updated form, this means that you’ll need 60 to 90 minutes at least average activity most days of the week.

Sometimes weight loss is nothing more difficult than to put one foot before the other, literally! The following describes a six-week exercise program of American sports psychologist Ray Browning of Colorado. The program includes walking, walking / jogging or running somewhere between 15 to 45 minutes 3x to 5x a week. In addition to cardio exercises is very desirable strength-training your lower body 2x a week and the results are guaranteed!

Cardio walking : if you’re just beginning the activity, or walk rather than run or do not want to burden their decisions. Cardio walking / jogging , if you answer a combination of both, or if you walk at least 30 minutes 3 times a week and want to add some speed. Cardio Cross : run you a comfortable workout for at least 30 minutes of low intensity to 5 times a week.

Ensuring progress : If you currently walk and would like to run in the fourth week of walking add walking / jogging and go to a higher level of slow runs in the sixth week.

Heating and stretching : Any cardio workout to start with 5 minutes walking distance.At the end of the chill with a 5-minute walk and raztegom. Hold each stretch position for at least 20 seconds without jerks and strains.

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4 exercises for a super tight ass

If you want a firm butt to work. We offer you a few exercises you can do at home and around it, while being completely free

4 exercises for a super tight assEvery woman longs for the perfect body line. Different diets many times do not provide promising results, and after several months of starvation we understand that the effort was futile. We offer you a few exercises you can do at home and around it, while being completely free.


Forget the elevator and walk the stairs. Roaming up and down will strengthen the buttocks . With time steps, can also leapt to the climbing two by two. We all know that the elevator is much easier and faster option, but you want a perfect body line.


Nothing can strengthen your buttocks better as squats. At the beginning of this exercise it will be tough and you will tire quickly, but after a while everything will be easier.

  • First Stand with feet outspread as much as you can.
  • Second Put your hands on your hips.
  • Third bend the legs at the knees and lower it down as much as possible. In this careful push knees directly over the toes, not to exceed them.
  • 4th Keep it short and squat in return to starting position.
  • 5th Repeat 8 to 10 times, with more time.


You can do this exercise while watching your favorite series. So, double the pleasure, enjoy your favorite program and do not worry about the strength of your buttocks.

First – One foot step out in front of other.

Second – Put your hands on your hips, bend your legs and lower yourself so that your knee on back legs almost touching the ground.

Third – Keep the buttocks muscles tighten.

4th – Repeat 10 times for each leg alternately.

Running uphill

If you are a fan of static exercise and enjoy nature, for you the best sports is climbing. Walk up the hill with faster steps and remember, running is great for its consolidation.

In the process of shaping the buttocks is extremely important technique of performing the exercises. Improper execution will not produce desirable results, and can hurt you. If you are unsure whether you perform exercises properly, seek the help of professional trainers.


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Hormone Yoga for intimate women’s health

Doctors and gynecologists argue that this method can reduce some of the discomforts caused by menopause, such as sleep problems and hot flashes.It is useful for women who are past menopause because it relieves the side effects of aging and loss of sex drive

Hormone Yoga for intimate women's health

Hormone Yoga, a mixture of classical yoga and Tibetan exercises of power is a new way of exercising the organs that produce hormones. Results of research on a Brazilian University of Sao Paulo shows that after 4 months of yoga exercise hormonal ovarian increases productivity by 75 percent, while the level of estrogen rises to a whopping 254 percent.

Higher levels of hormones and the young woman seems more stable and enhanced production of collagen makes the skin smoother and firmer.
new trend of exercise launched Dina Rodriguez, psychologist and author of “Hormone yoga.”

She says, with 80 years as a vital young woman. He says that every morning exercise half an hour and it gives energy and keeps it young. He argues that this type of exercise is best to start in mid-thirties because of hormonal yoga helps with premenstrual syndrome and menstrual symptoms.

Doctors and gynecologists claim that yoga may reduce hormonal some of the discomforts caused by menopause, such as sleep problems and hot flashes. It is useful for women who are past menopause because it relieves the side effects of aging, such as reducing tjelene mobility and loss of sexual drive. Women who practice this way for some time now boast better health and improved blood circulation while the older ones say that they look younger and more supple than that of their peers.

Say goodbye to stress and relax


First Harmony for body and soul

In the sitting position prektrižite right foot over left knee and hold that position. While izdahnjujete upper body and head turn to the right side, right knee and grasp the left hand, while relying on the right hand. Hold this position 8 breaths and breaths, and then change sides. Do this 2 times on each side.

Second Immediately soothes

Lie on your back, feet slightly spread apart and knees rely on each other. Imagine that while you breathe in, breath enters through the left hand and passes through the left arm, where it goes to the door. Exhale through the right hand or right hand. Repeat the operation five times. Third Reduces tension Lie on your back and cross your legs in the leaves so that your knees are facing the floor. Extend your arms above your head, Twist your fingers and turn palms outward. Comfortable if put under the buttocks pad. 7 times fast and relaxed inhale and exhale. Repeat three times.

Forget Fatigue

First Warms and relaxes muscles

Stand with legs crossed. Raise your hands and stretch them. Twist your fingers and turn palms outward. My entire upper body slowly lean forward and stay in this position for one minute. Then slowly straighten. A minute shake hands. The entire scale exercises, repeat 2 times.

Second Provides energy

Sit on the toe. Bend arms outstretched while not touching the floor. Extend your left arm backward. Right knee stays in the middle of the chest. 7 times quickly inhale and exhale.

Third It stimulates metabolism

Lying on your back bend your right leg at knee height. Foot push the buttocks. Place left foot on right knee. Extend your left arm backward. 7 times inhale and exhale.
Exercises that make you more beautiful

First Good for line

Fold the legs. Cross both arms below the elbows. Pull your knees to the abdomen, so that you are back on earth. 7 times quickly inhale and exhale.

Second For more beautiful complexion

Slide your hands under your hips, palms placed on the floor. Weight rests on the hips wrists. Raise your legs so your thighs are vertical. Alternately strike the bottom left heel and right foot. When the turn left leg quickly inhale and exhale when the right hand.Repeat the operation five times.

Third Strengthens the skin

Slide your hands under your hips, palms placed on the floor. Lift the leg, and then alternately lift your knees toward the chest. The second leg of the stalls stretched.Quickly inhale and exhale through the nose. Repeat at 7 times for each side


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Cycling is better than antidepressants

Experts believe that the biggest benefit of moving bike reduce alienation among people

Cycling is better than antidepressantsUsing bicycles to reduce traffic congestion, increase road safety, saves on fuel costs, parking and car maintenance. Considerable savings in time and the faster arrival from point A to point B, reduces the stress out of driving, and unlike a car or public transport using a bike we can accurately plan our arrival time at the desired location. Experts believe that the biggest benefit of using a bike is that it reduces alienation between people and the ability to communicate with other people. In addition, reduced pollution, dust and exhaust fumes, noise, and construction of bicycle paths is significantly cheaper than building roads for motor vehicles.

Unfortunately, there is still no campaign for greater use of bicycles in traffic, and considering the many benefits it can provide.


Cycling is one of the most widespread forms of recreation in the world, and many people use the bicycle as an everyday means of transportation to go to work. Cycling has a positive effect on general health, reduces the risk of common diseases of today: cardiovascular disease and cancer, diabetes, and also helps fight stress and depression, also lowers blood pressure, and is useful in preventing osteoporosis. In people with impaired mobility system it can be controlled using the bike as a good complement conventional rehabilitation, improving its performance and reduce the recurrence of damage. Beautiful landscapes, the dynamics of the activity, fresh air and the use of virtually all muscle groups are additional advantages of cycling. Such physical activity involves a large number of muscle groups in continuous cyclic motion, with continuous strain on the cardiovascular-respiratory system.

Unlike anaerobic sports, which include lifting weights or playing tennis, aerobic sports in particular improve cardiorespiratory capacity – to increase endurance, improve heart and lungs and improve circulation.


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